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What's New

Always a happy time around the winery when we get to finally show off what has taken years to get readied.
The latest are- New vintage of Basket Pressed Syrah, and le Petit Rouge and a new "Winter Harvest Syrah" sweet wine. There is a Very Small amount of Sangiovese. Please call or email to get some- It won't last long so it's not listed on the shopping cart.

Next season - Petit Verdot and Pinot Noir!


Surrounded by orchards on all four sides, the historic Angel Farmstead at Parker Heights is a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic, taste and purchase wines and chat with the owners of Masset Winery. You will find nectarine, pear,cherry and apple orchards a few steps from the tasting room- which is housed in the restored 1905 barn of the original farmstead. This location is also home to the (nearly) equally famous Bailey the winery Pug. Bailey has been featured in books such as Wine Dogs USA, and is also head of security at the winery.


Most of our wines are blended, even though they may have a varietal name. Think of blending wine as prepaing a meal. Sure, you're making chicken soup and that's what you call it- Did you use some onion? Celery? And so it goes. Yes, the wine is called Merlot but it tastes better with a little Cab Franc, and little Cab Sauvignon. Come try one of our wines and you will agree that all the blank spots have been filled via careful blending.


Our Petit Sirah has been awarded the "Best of Appelation" against Napa and Sonoma.
Wine Spectator Awards of 90 points for our Basket Press Syrah and Reserve Syrah.
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