• Cartons used to direct ship wine to adult consumers must be conspicuously labeled with a minimum notification “signature of person age 21 or older required for delivery” and must include a return address and other language required by specific state laws. Licensees may opt to further identify the contents, including words such as “wine enclosed” or “contains alcohol.” Free the Grapes! recommends that wineries support shippers, fulfillment companies and freight consolidators who utilize this labeling procedure.

  • Licensees must verify the purchaser’s age at the point of online purchase before completing any transaction. Some state laws now require age verification using a state-approved vendor, or by receiving a copy of the purchaser’s drivers license, prior to the completion of the transaction. Additionally, licensees must notify purchasers that the recipient will be asked to show identification upon delivery.

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Syrah, Basket Pressed Sold Out/Sorry!

To produce our Basket Pressed Syrah, we squeeze the grapes using our Italian oak basket press. We then age the wine in 100% American oak barrels for one and a half years. Goes great with dinner cooked on the grill! A traditional style Syrah with notes of game, spice, and dark fruit